Recreation and fishing


Our young community members are some of the most important people in the estate and as such we have some amazing playgrounds for them to enjoy. Play is integral to children’s development and so we have invested in top-notch play areas.

Our playgrounds are safe and allow you to relax whilst your little ones play safely.

Sports Facilities

If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you’ll be excited about our fully equipped sports facilities. Cedar Lakes has two recently refurbished tennis courts and an action cricket pitch that also serves as an action soccer arena.

You don’t have to be a pro to make use of the facilities because we have in-house tennis coaches, swimming coaches, and yoga teachers to assist you on your fitness journey.

If you’re more of a cyclist, runner, or just enjoy a healthy stroll, you’ll make regular use of the running, walking, and cycling tracks in the estate. 

The Swimming Pool

Central to our restaurant and ice cream parlour are the main swimming pool and water jet park.

The pool area is secure and equipped with sun loungers and shaded areas. We take supervision of minors and persons not able to swim very seriously. No person under 14 years is allowed access without adult supervision. Persons who are not able to swim are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

Adjacent to the swimming pool is the water jet park which is a safe and fun place to cool off in the summer and caters for all ages, from toddlers to teens.

The Ridge Park

The Ridge Park is one of our popular parks within the estate. It is a pristine green space where you can enjoy some family time together outdoors.

Come and enjoy a picnic in the park and unwind.

Walking Paths

The running, walking and cycling tracks in Cedar Lakes are maintained and used by all residents.

They allow residents to revel in the Estate’s natural beauty as they move from one area to the next. Each area has its unique blend of grass, trees and fauna and the paths allow our residents to enjoy them all.


With 11 lakes within the estate, we offer an active catch and release of the fishing club. Our fish are healthy, and the lakes are teeming with some beautiful specimens.

Fishing is on a catch-and-release basis only. Come and join in on the fishing fun and you might just land a prize catch.

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