Our lakes are plentiful, and we have some avid fishermen who are members of our catch-and-release fishing club.

The lakes are well-stocked with fish; varieties include carp, bass, and tilapia, to name a few.

Lakes & Trees

Cedar Lakes has 11 natural lakes within the estate and is registered with the department of water as a national wetland. The lakes are home to a wide array of fish and bird species.

These lakes are what make Cedar Lakes Lifestyle Estate so unique and special. The tranquillity of the water is truly soul food.

The trees in the estate are well established and form some amazing aerial canopy areas throughout the estate. Once you drive in and travel under these areas, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a true natural wonderland.

We also have some amazing willow trees that line the waterways and provide shelter to a variety of bird species. 

Zen Garden and Owl Release Programme


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