Outdoor events

Our community picnic events are a fantastic opportunity to socialise with your neighbours while enjoying a fun day with the family in the sun. Get to know one another in a relaxed environment whilst enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings our estate has to offer.


Halloween is an annual fun-filled event in Cedar Lakes, our community members go all out.

They decorate their homes and create some great outfits to celebrate this enjoyable occasion. The whole family gets involved and all enjoy a festive time. Come and join in on the trick-or-treating and enjoy the sense of community our estate has to offer. 

Market Days

Our Cedar Lakes market days are often carnival-themed events that are well supported by the estate residents.

A wide variety of goods are marketed and sold with the focus being on the community getting together to enjoy the events and the quality goods for sale. 


Christmas is a hugely celebrated event in the Cedar Lakes estate. It is not only a special religious holiday but a time for our young community members to enjoy. We aim to create a fairy-tale-like atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy and make lifelong memories for all involved.

Houses are decorated, lights are put up and a truly festive season is celebrated by all. 

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